Aug 25, 2004

  This is my husband Mike Walker and me, we were  married on our 12th anniversary in August

My son Mike with his lovely honey Tiffany



My youngest son Mike and 


Mr. & Mrs. Mike Vojkovich

May 19, 2006


"Pheline & the Fysicists" 

   Axl and my oldest son Mark, Senior Software Engineer at NVidia


   That's me in the cowboy hat with Susan Sarandon in the movie Thelma and Louise. I was one of the dancers (the one with the white cowboy boots).


     My dance partner Gary Jobst and me, we were on the Midnite Cowboys Country Western and Swing Precision Dance Team, 

     THREE time World Champions!!!





Granddaughter Lacey in her Dorothy dress that her Auntie made- 4yrs


    Lacey (Hene Hona) 3yrs





  Mike's daughter Katie (the creative person who gave me the beautiful words for my website), and Lacey


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