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Dear Shirley-Oh my God, my wire wrapped pendant is absolutely stunning! I am sooooooooo very haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy with the outstanding job you've done. Thank you for treating my crystal like a little princess. I kept kissing my pendant. I just love it!!!!! Yes, I am from California and I'm weird that way. ;-> Best regards, Meeko  ;-) Amiko Smith, CA 2/4/08

  Dear Shirley- I recently purchased the Love Release pendant and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it!!!! The color of the crystal is magnificent, the wire wrapping execution is stunning, meticulous and well thought out. I also like that you use a heavier gauge wire. I've seen jewelry done in the past from other vendors and they end up looking like springs. I cant stop touching my necklace. Thank you so much for such a beautiful-beautiful-beautiful piece of art. Maybe it's me, but I must have stared at the pendant for an hour admiring your wire work. You know what really struck me is how neatly, symmetrically the wire work was. I was laughing to myself thinking that you had read my mind, if I was going to create the pendant myself, I would have done it exactly like this. Okay, enough of me gushing. You definitely have SKILLS as my teenage daughter would say... You can absolutely use my comment....the world needs to know about you!!!  :-) Take care, Amiko Smith, CA 1/2/08

  I think your heart pendants are very elegant! Greg B, 11/25/07 

  Hi Shirley, The ornaments came.  The are absolutely beautiful!  Thanks so much. Have happy and safe holiday, Sally, Canonsburg, PA 11/18/07

   Good Morning Shirley!   I am blown away! Your lamp worked glass is totally jazzed lady! I love your foiled lentils! Fabulous work! and your new bangles......I would give anything to wire wrap like that! Your wire wrapped work is absolutely genius!!!! My favorite is the Pink chevron Bracelet. I like them all, but the architecture of the Chevron just wows me! I've never seen anything like it! Hugs, Mona, TX 10/13/07

  WOW, Keep up the good work, they look great... I wish I knew how to do this SOOOOOOO bad, I'm an artist and I cant imagine going my entire life not making these at some point, your work has totally inspired me, not alone, but its amazing!!!!:) don't ever stop, the eye candy you will create will inspire people LONG after our generation is not around... I LOVE IT!-Dustin 1-23-07

  Hi Shirley, The pendant arrived and is very beautiful. It is very well done. I will enjoy it very much. Thank you. You must have small hands to do such fine work. Thanks again! Marilyn, MN 9/10/06

  Thanks, Shirley -- I received the pendant today, and it is beautiful. Barb, MD 8/29/06elry that you will love!

  My gosh! Those are the prettiest wrapped pendants Iíve ever seen. How in the world did you come up with those designs and make them work? You are an extremely talented woman. Continued success- Randy Parker 4/06

  Hi Shirley, Just to let you know they arrived today.  Fantastic.  Many thanks. 

Sue, UK, 2/2006


I love the snowflake and icecicle so much - that I ordered 3 more of each from your site... I gotta have a set... :)

THANK YOU again!  I hope Santa is very good to you this year!!! BIG HUGS!!! Tammy, MD 12/20/05

  Shirley and I collaborated on a bracelet design together.  I lampworked the elongated bead for the design and Shirley created an elegant, sophisticated, and very high quality wire worked bangle to showcase the art glass! I couldn't be more pleased! Mona Hair-Houston, Texas 12/2005

  Just love your wirework Shirley what a gift you have!! Mary, 10/2005

  I just love Shirley's jewelry! I own several of her creations and they are by far, the prize pieces of my collection. My favorites are my faceted gem pendant in dark aquamarine, which is ALWAYS an eye catcher, and my ring. I get comments on it WHEREVER I go. If I had a nickel for every time I heard "she can do THAT with a button?" I'd be rich.    K. Perron, Yucca Valley, CA

  I received the pink cat's eye swirl pendant, the wire wrapping was elegant and the piece was even more beautiful than the picture. Thank you, Bert E, Cedar Rapids, IA

  Whenever I wear my faceted Emerald pendant I feel like a queen. People always comment on it's exquisite elegance and romantic design. Even my husband thinks it's gorgeous and is impressed with the delicate, intricate work. Holly F, San Pedro, CA

  Your site looks great!  And WOW...I love your jewelry...drooling over that pink sapphire pendant! Jan F.

  Shirley, Your wire wrapping are beautiful and your snowflakes, WOW! so beautiful. Tara

  Your work is stunning. Not only is your crafts(wo)manship clearly impeccable, but the designs just flow with the stones that you are encasing. Susanne

  WOW! I LOVE your wire work! You did a beautiful job wrapping them. You have quite a gift. Amber

  I love your designs, I especially love the pink sapphire pendant. The silver bead accent on the side is wonderful! Margaret

  Your wire-work is just phenomenal!! Cluny


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